Fika: The Art Of Coffee


If you have a Swedish friend or you have been in Sweden, then you know what means “hej”(hello), “tack!” (thank you) and “fika”.
“Fika”(pronounced fee-ka) is both a noun and verb and also designates a moment.


May Day! Mayday!


There is a hill so close to my house, it's a quite place. So, during the sunny days I can have the best view there. Actually, there the entire town is mine!  I can watch the trams going up and down, enjoy the sun and my ice cream!

Retro Night


According Vladimir Nabokov, nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it.
Usually, the nice memories “wake up” with a smell, a song or a picture. 


Sometimes is just a "yellow box"!


The first year the babies try to connect with people, screaming. At the end of this year, they start with the first steps. After three years they face the first big disappointment, when they realize that, they are a separate part of the world. Next bigger disappointment? Everybody is not only a separate part of the world but there are so many different between us!

So what?

One month later in the "cold" Sweden, I have many experiences and even more new habits and routines, but please don’t ask me to mention them one by one, It’ll take dozen of hours! 
The most important thing for me was after the second week,

Welcome to Sweden


Before the airplane takes off,it goes so fast and it's impossible to see clearly  out of the window…

We had previously made the dreams and the decision for this, a long time ago. Few weeks before the departure, I felt happy, impatience and at the same time, I was so afraid about it.